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MY-FCN-1 Node
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RM 285.14
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Exabytes Flexi Cloud Nodes-1 Allows You To Create Only 1 Virtual Machine within an account. Hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

base configuration

CPU Cores
Disk Size
Virtual Machines
Data Transfer
IP Addresses
Backup Space

Product Configuration

cPanel License for VPS - - cPanel and Web Host Manager
- Unlimited Domains
- Special for VPS
- Supported OS: CentOS
Gold Management Plan
Extra Disk Space 10GB
Extra Disk Space 50GB
Extra Disk Space 70GB
Extra Disk Space 100GB
Extra Backup Space (30GB)
Extra Backup Space (150GB)
Extra Backup Space (300GB)
Extra Memory 3GB
Extra Memory 1GB
WebsitePanel (For Windows Only) -

WebsitePanel for Windows nodes

RM100.00 MYR Setup Fee
Smartermail Proffesional 250 users -

Smartermail Proffesional 250 users

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Description Price
Flexi Cloud Nodes - Malaysia - MY-FCN-1 Node
RM169.00 MYR + RM100.00 MYR Setup Fee
Service Tax @ 6%   RM16.14 MYR
Total Recurring: RM179.14 MYR Monthly

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